This year I decided to plant broccoli.  I wasn’t sure what it would take to get them to grow, or how much room they would need.   I ended up planting 6 in my 4 foot row in the raised bed.   They are quite tight and very bushy.  I planted the 6 plants in my bed, but I had another 20 or so plants left over that needed a home, so I experimented. I  planted these in my perennial bed, lining a path and in the square foot garden I am trying in our backyard. The vegetables  in my front beds have two advantaged…full sun and a rich compost/manure mixture. How do the plants compare? Well, those in the  raised beds are growing very well and already producing broccoli; those in the other locations have hardly grown, they are still only about 4 inches, and might have 3 sets of leaves.

I also received a good tip from a friend today.  To avoid sunburnt broccoli, turn in the leaves of the plant slightly to create shade for the broccoli head once the heads reach about 4 inches.   I didn’t know broccoli could get a sunburn.  I burn on a cloudy day and my version of a tan is freckles joining together,  so naturally, I am sympathetic and will be sure to provide shade for my broccoli!