Another thing I’m using this year for pest control is fresh seaweed. An advantage to living in Nova Scotia is that we have a huge supply of natural fertilizer and pest control at our fingertips, just head out to the beach after a storm and you’ll find it lining the shores.  I’d recommend double bagging, or a bin with a good seal as the odor can be very strong as you drive home on a hot day. Seaweed has many natural plant hormones;   it is loaded with carbohydrates, which the plants use as a building block; and, it feeds large populations of beneficial micro-organisms.

I usually use eelgrass works in my garden. Last week I headed to Crescent Beach with my children and as they played in the water and built sandcastles, I gathered eelgrass that had washed up in the storm the day before. The eelgrass has many uses, you can add it directly to your compost where it will do a great job breaking down the organic matter and heating up your pile.   The other use that I have found is in the garden as a ground cover.  I’ve found that it works to keep the slugs out of the beds as well as keeping the weeds at bay.  I rinse of the eelgrass to get rid of the sand and some of the salt then line the borders of my beds with it, place it between rows, and even line my tomato plants with the stuff.  I figure it’s the high salt content that keeps the slugs away.  I’ve also been told it will keep the cats out of the garden- another pest in urban gardens!