raised beds

If you have a South facing sunny spot, an easy way to convert it into a garden is to add a raised bed.   Last year, we built an 8 ft by 4 ft raised bed, using 8 ft long cedar boards (6 x 1).   These worked very well.  We had tomatoes, zucchini, snow peas , beets, all growing on our front lawn.
The highlight was the bumper tomato crop.   These grew up 7 feet, collapsed back to the ground to re-root, and up another 7 feet.   We picked up 2 year old cow manure from a local farm.  It was the perfect soil!


Don’t want to built from scratch, I can build it for you! Click here.


Build your own raised beds and grow your own meals!  Here’s an example of how:

Raised beds  (8 ft x 4 ft x 6 inches)
Materials were only approximately $45: hardware= $30 and soil= $15.
·      Three (3) 8 ft long cedar planks (6 inches x 1 inches).
·      One (1) 4 ft long 2 x 4 cedar board; cut into 12” lengths (x4 pieces total)
·      24 screws
·      0.6 cubic yards of soil (16 cubic feet)  The cost was $25-$30/cubic yard of garden soil or compost or $4 per 20 L  bag.

·      Cut one of the cedar planks in half (½) to make two (2) 4 ft long boards.
·      Secure the four (4) 2X4s (12” long) to the corners to secure the corners of the 4 x 8 bed.

·      Use an online resources or soil calculator to calculate soil required for your beds:
·      http://www.millergroup.ca/compost/lme.html
·      http://www.pykefarms.com/products_calculating.html