This site is dedicated to urban gardening, and gardening projects with kids. I love reading about gardening, talking about gardening, sharing ideas about gardening; and in late summer I literally eat my gardening! I jump at any chance I get to talk about gardening.

When my family moved to Halifax, where we bought a house in the city with a big lawn. A big brown, cinche bug decimated lawn. The grass would not grow despite countless fertilizer attempts by the previous owners.  So little by little we covered patches of the lawn with layers of old newspaper, layered it with mulch and welcomed the garden orphans that friends and neighbours no longer had room for in their established gardens.

The following year, my two year old and I planted as my six month old was sleeping soundly in a stroller in the shade.  We managed to build four raised cedar beds for veggies that year, and by August we were dropping off zucchini to anyone who would take them. The cucumbers that grew up our make shift trellis, and the sweet carrots that grew in the rich compost soil were the perfect afternoon snack for a hungry child and his playmates!

I am hooked. But as addictions go, this one actually has merit. There is no grass left in our front yard, and we get almost all of our summer vegetables from the four raised cedar beds. My children are getting older, but they still love to run through the rock paths we’ve built through the garden and play amongst the flowers.  They are always keen to show off the goldfish in our rain barrels and explain that the goldfish are eating mosquito larvae so that fewer mosquitoes will eat them!

Through this site, I will share my urban garden experiences, and my gardening projects with kids, with other readers so that the urban gardening community can continue to grow and more kids can feel worms run through their little fingers!